Recreatiepark De Wielen


Cela peut être amusant d'aller au zoo, surtout si vous venez dans notre parc avec les plus petits. Heureusement, il existe de nombreux zoos ou parcs dans la région. Nous aimerions en souligner un certain nombre pour que vous sachiez quelles sont vos options.


Van Blanckendaell Park Dierentuin Hoenderdaell Hertenkamp in Bergen Artis Zee Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

Van Blanckendaell Park

À seulement quatre kilomètres de notre parc se trouve le zoo appelé Van Blanckendaell Park. Vous y trouverez une savane, une aire de jeux, un musée et un moulin. Le parc a vraiment tout à offrir. Les animaux que l'on peut trouver dans ce parc viennent du monde entier. Certains animaux sud-américains que vous pouvez trouver dans le parc Van Blanckendaell sont l'alpaga, le capybara et le singe capucin à crête brune. Certains des animaux de ce parc originaires d'Afrique sont le macaque de Barbarie, la girafe et le zèbre Grant. Si vous souhaitez voir des animaux européens et eurasiens, c'est également possible. Vous y trouverez entre autres des daims, des cigognes européennes, des chouettes lapones, des ânes, des rennes et des harfangs des neiges. Les animaux asiatiques que l'on peut trouver dans ce parc comprennent la loutre asiatique à petites griffes, le paon bleu et le muntjak chinois. Il y a aussi des animaux d'Océanie. comme l'Albino Bennett Wallaby, le Kookaburra et le Blue Mountain Lorikeet. Enfin, ils possèdent des animaux nord-américains, dont le pygargue à tête blanche, le coatis et le chien de prairie. Vous pouvez donc voir qu'il y a beaucoup d'animaux dans ce parc, ce qui rend la visite du parc Van Blanckendaell encore plus amusante.

Comme nous l'avons mentionné plus tôt, il y a aussi une aire de jeux où les enfants peuvent dépenser un peu d'énergie. Vous pourrez également visiter le musée, où vous pourrez retrouver d'anciens outils agricoles, une buanderie complète et un salon meublé du siècle dernier. Il y a aussi un moulin au milieu du parc. Même s'il n'est pas ouvert au public, l'extérieur du moulin peut bien sûr être admiré.

Si vous souhaitez visiter ce parc, vous devrez acheter un billet. En revanche, le stationnement est gratuit. Les tarifs d'une visite du parc sont disponibles sur le site Internet du parc Van Blanckendaell, mais pour vous faciliter la tâche, nous les avons également répertoriés ici pour vous. Les prix sont pour un ticket journalier et sont indiqués par catégorie d'âge.

  • Enfants jusqu'à 2 ans Gratuit
  • Enfants de 3 à 4 ans 7,00 €
  • Enfants de 5 à 12 ans 11,00 €
  • Adultes 15,50 €
  • personnes de plus de 65 € 12,00
  • Handicapé 12,00 €

Veterinary Garden Hoenderdaell

In Hoenderdaell Zoo, you can come face to face with animals from all over the world. In addition, you will have the opportunity to feed some of these animals. The zoo at Landgoed Hoenderdaell is an animal kingdom in itself. You will find several impressive animals and you can enjoy birds of prey shows. There is also a special sanctuary for lions and tigers.


When you visit Hoenderdaell Zoo, you can enjoy different animal species. To give you a clearer picture of the animals that can be found there, we will list them here for you. First of all, you will find alpacas and camels. You can also find pelicans, macaws, nose bears and wolves. There are also lesser-known animal species, such as the small-clawed otter and the orange-necked cassowary. Brown bears, kangaroos, wallabies, reindeer and lynx can also be admired. Finally, you can go see Persian panthers and hyenas.

In addition to all these impressive animals, there are also a number of other things you can visit in the park. These include a tropical greenhouse, monkey islands, an aviary, a pheasantry with cranes and storks, a lori garden, SOS Dolphin Foundation, Lion Foundation, an avitorium and the Gelderland cottage. So the park has a lot of different things to offer you and you will certainly not get bored here.


On the rest of the estate there are also a number of things to experience. Namely, outside the animal park you can find a nature reserve in which you can walk around quietly and encounter stray animals. Keep in mind that this is a silence area. That way it remains a nice place for the animals themselves to live. In addition to the animals, you can also view works of art and unusual architecture.

Would you like to visit Hoenderdaell Zoo? Then you will have to buy a ticket. Online the tickets are one euro cheaper than when you buy them at the entrance of the zoo. To make it as clear as possible for you, we have listed the prices of this park for you below.

  • Children from 0 to 2 years Free
  • .
  • Children from 3 to 4 years €8,00
  • .
  • Everyone from 5 years €14.50
  • .

Deer camp in Bergen


In the middle of the village of Bergen you will find a beautiful deer park and petting zoo. Not only can you find deer, but also chickens, goats, pigeons, peacocks, geese, a Nandu (a South American ratite) and a Scottish Blackface sheep. Sometimes you can even touch the animals. The deer park is always free to visit. As such, it is a public petting zoo for everyone. When you visit the deer camp around Animal Day, you can feed the animals yourself. You will also have the opportunity to visit the stables and see the animals up close. There are also volunteers walking around who can tell you a thing or two about the animals.


Trein in het Blankendaell park

Train at Blankendaell park


Ringstaart maki in Hoenderdeall Zoo

Ringtail lemur at Hoenderdeall Zoo


Hertenkamp in Bergen

Mountain deer camp



And then, of course, we have Artis. This is one of the most famous zoos in our country. Artis is located in Amsterdam and is therefore easily accessible from our recreation park. This zoo is home to as many as 750 different animal species, including sharks, gazelles, wildebeests, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes and zebras. There are also 300 different species of trees. Therefore, it is truly a fantastic experience to walk through this zoo. Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and this is reflected in the 19th-century architecture that has been well preserved. What also makes Artis very special is that they have recreated the natural habitat of the animals as closely as possible. You can also experience this for yourself as a visitor. Different parts of the world are reflected in the park so that the animals feel as much at home as possible. All this is already very impressive of course, but in addition Artis also has the largest Planetarium in the Netherlands. We definitely recommend visiting this zoo when you stay in our park.


We have also listed the prices for this zoo for you, so you know exactly what you pay for a day at Artis.

  • Children from 0 to 2 years Free
  • .
  • Children from 3 to 12 years €21.00
  • .
  • From 13 years of age €25.00
  • Students €12,50
  • International students €12,50
  • With Cultural Youth Passport €12.50

Zee Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

The Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee should not be missing from this list. In fact, here you can walk across a bridge with a pond underneath in which piranhas swim. In addition, you can walk under the skeleton of a sperm whale. The underwater world is truly amazing and in this Sea Aquarium you can discover it. In addition to fish, you can also find seals named Selma and Tjark. Furthermore, you can admire other sea creatures and shellfish from all over the world.

The Sea Aquarium has been renewed and also expanded. Today there are as many as 300 different species of fish. You can view these fish in a thematic way. In fact, the fish species swim in an environment designed according to the area where the fish come from. The areas recreated in the Sea Aquarium include the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, a number of different tropical waters, the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon jungle. You can truly discover the most amazing sea creatures. Some of these sea creatures include sharks, clownfish, starfish and seahorses.


Whether the sun shines all day or it rains all day, you can always visit the Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee. It is a great activity to do with young and old. When you stay in our park we definitely recommend a visit to this fantastic Sea Aquarium.


You will also need to buy a ticket for the Sea Aquarium. Below are the different prices.

  • Children from 3 to 12 years old €10.95
  • Adults €15.95
  • Seniors €14.95

We hope we have adequately informed you about some of the great animal parks that can be found in the vicinity of our recreation park. Visiting an animal park or Sea Aquarium is fun for young and old alike and therefore always a good choice. Whether you want to see lions, deer or fish, it is all possible. Therefore, we definitely recommend you to visit one of the above-mentioned parks and enjoy the wonderful animal species there.


Poort van Artis

Gate of Artis


De bekende olifanten in Artis

The famous elephants at Artis


Zee Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

Zee Aquarium Bergen aan Zee


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