Recreatiepark De Wielen


Spring in the Kop

The largest bulb growing area in the Netherlands!

The Kop van Noord-Holland has the largest bulb growing area in the Netherlands! The bulb fields in the region bloom from the end of March to the beginning of May. Wide sand ridges behind the dunes, full of overwhelming color. In the Golden Age, when the Bulb Region emerged, tulip bulbs were worth about as much as an Amsterdam canal house.

The flower bulb area was originally located in South Holland, in the vicinity of Lisse and Hillegom. It is still called De Bollenstreek. But the current bulb region is really in the Kop van Noord-Holland! Bulb growers who wanted to expand flocked to De Noordkop. There was space and enough land to expand. It is now one large bulb field on the coast from Petten to Den Helder. Photographers like to come to the Kop to film and photograph the flowering bulb fields. The horizon is still beautiful here. No apartment buildings, no urban development, no highways, but a beautiful row of dunes, the old Dutch windmills and the typical North Holland bell-shaped farms are the background of the tulip fields. Click here for routes and much more flower bulb information.

Lambs and other young animals

Spring not only means green buds on the trees, but also many young animals. Who wouldn't be happy about that? At the Sheepfold in Bergen  dozens of lambs have already been born. Also at City farm De Hout it is teeming with young animals. You can come and admire and cuddle these in the open meadow.

Play forest

Extremely popular are the forest areas that have been specially designed for children with a water pump, walkway, barefoot path and tree house! In Schoorl we have a super fun play forest. at Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen, maar De Hoep Visitor Center is also a nice place at any time of the year. In the spring it is also great to let the children play around.